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Welcome to Delta Math, your go-to site for all things related to mathematics education and resources. We founded Delta Math with the goal of helping students grasp math concepts and improve their problem-solving skills.

Our Story

Delta Math  passionate educators with over 20 years of combined experience teaching mathematics. We have always loved mathematics and helping students understand math concepts. During our teaching careers, we realized there was a need for an online resource focused specifically on giving students more math practice.

That sparked the idea for Delta Math – an interactive website where students from elementary to high school levels could get extra help with math through target practice problems, step-by-step video explanations, and even private online math tutoring. We have gathered expert math teachers to serve as tutors and provide content to help cover any gaps in students’ learning.

Our Philosophy

We believe that every student can learn math when given the right tools and practice. Math shouldn’t just involve memorizing formulas. True understanding comes when students grasp concepts through practice. Our philosophy at Delta Math is to encourage growth mindsets in math learning, foster students’ critical and creative thinking, and teach students how to approach math problems thoughtfully. We meet students at their level and help guide them to math mastery.

Our Team

The Delta Math teaching team includes top-performing mathematics educators, from certified math teachers to professors holding PhDs in mathematics or math education. We are united by our love of mathematics and deep commitment to help students succeed. Meet our talented team of math experts here.

We’re so glad that you’ve discovered Delta Math. We hope you’ll explore all that our math site has to offer. Let us know how we can help further your math learning journey!