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Cards to review multiplication tables

Cards To Review Multiplication Tables

Learning the multiplication tables is a task that for many children can be tiresome or boring. The good news is that there are many ways to make this learning more enjoyable (if you want to know a collection of 101 ideas, visit my online course Learn to multiply with lego).

Furthermore, educators must be clear that it cannot become a priority, that the important thing is that they understand the concept of multiplication. That is, boys and girls must be able to answer questions such as what does it mean to multiply? what is it for? Later, when the concept is assimilated, we can explain to our children how useful it is to learn the tables because this way we can go very quickly.

Pockets to work on multiplication

Today I bring you an activity that children can do and that will help them learn the tables.


  • a cardboard file that will serve as support
  • thin cardboard or colored sheets
  • white sheets
  • felt pens
  • If you want to laminate it you can use self-adhesive film (the kind used to cover books).

I found the idea on the blog  The Crafty Classroom.

As you see in the image, you just have to cut out a small pocket of cardboard for each of the multiplication tables.

What is the best way to teach multiplication tables?

When you have the pockets created in front of each one you must write the number of the corresponding table. You must glue the pockets to the file cabinet, which will serve as a support.

How do you memorize multiplication tables for fun?

With the white papers you must create small cards that fit in the pockets and write all the multiplication tables, which you will put neatly in each pocket.

How to memorize times tables in 5 minutes?
What are multiplication cards?

To play, each student can choose a table and say out loud each of the multiplications they see on the cards. They can also take a card from each of the pockets, so the results will be more varied.

Are the ideas for reviewing multiplication tables useful to you? What did you think of this activity? Can you think of any variations to make with the material?

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