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Children's activities with plugs and tweezers

Children’s Activities With Plugs And Tweezers

The early childhood education cycle of San Viator de Vitoria invited me to teach a course on manipulative mathematics at their school. They were two intense days where I could see the teachers’ enthusiasm for bringing experiential and manipulative work to the classroom.

I was very excited to receive an email some time ago with manipulative activities with caps and tweezers for 3, 4 and 5 year old children that they themselves have created with recycled materials. From here I thank Eneritz and the other teachers for their time and generosity in sharing their work with all of us.

Look how much fun they have: (look at the featured image)

Activity 1: Color and quantity jars

Used material

  • 5 tin cans of powdered milk
  • Cards to attach with velcro to the boat
  • Box of plugs of different sizes and colors.
What are some fun things to do with tweezers?

Objective of the game

The cards indicate what you should put in the jar: for 3-year-olds, different quantities and colors are asked; at 4 years old, different color, quantity and size; In 5 years, apart from everything requested in 3 and 4 years, denial comes in.

How to play

1. 5 children sit at the table and each one takes a bottle and sticks the card they get to the Velcro.
2. Once everyone has the card, they begin to put caps as indicated on the card (example in 3-year-old children: 2 red, 1 blue, 2 green, 1 white)
3. Once all the caps are inside the jar, check and if it’s okay, you change the boats between them (you go to the one on your right side) and start again!

Activity 2: Classify plugs and clips by color

Used material

  • Plastic tweezers of different colors.
  • Plastic caps.
  • Circles of the colors of the tweezers.
How does using tweezers help children?

How to play

Take the plastic trays and place a colored circle on each one. The children have to place each clamp on the tray that indicates its color.

Activity 3: Additions with plugs and tweezers

With the same materials (choose the ones that work best for you between plugs and clips) you can make small sums:

What is tweezing activities for preschoolers?

Activity 4: Match by color

In addition to the plugs, you will need a template where the plugs are drawn on the plan with their respective color. Children match each color based on color (and also size) with its representation in the drawing.

What are the tweezer activities in Montessori?
What is tweezer purpose?

Many thanks to the kindergarten teachers at San Viator School! I hope you continue to enjoy doing math.

Which of these activities are you going to do first? Do you use plugs and tweezers to do math in class or at home? Do you have another idea you want to share with us?

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