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Classification By Various Criteria

Classification By Various Criteria

Today I share with you an idea that I saw on the blog  My little Montessori school. This is a classification where the child has to look for the criterion.

Classifications are the first logical-mathematical relationships that children develop with objects, from a very early age. The classification itself is already interesting, and here it is even more so, since each child will see a different way of classifying objects.

Sorting activity

The idea you propose is to mix five categories within the pot. The children have to classify the objects into five groups.

Classification By Various Criteria

You can offer them 5 cards of different colors, to be able to clearly separate the categories. The color of the cardboard has nothing to do with the color of the objects. Well, it may match, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

The result is like this:


The interesting thing is that although you have taken the objects according to certain criteria for classification, the children may find other different criteria. Thus, a dialogue can be established with them, taking an interest in the criteria they have used.

If you do it in small groups, you can then explain to each other the criteria you have used.

Have you done classification activities with your children or students? What do you think of this idea? What other objects could you use?

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