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How To Put No Solution In Delta Math?

How To Put No Solution In Delta Math?

Delta Match is an educational tool that is helpful for students to better understand mathematics and provides advanced learning opportunities with practical and assignment approaches. Generally, students have to follow the given instructions for the specific problem but it can also be answered by leaving the answer blank or the student can type some sort of phrase to give a signal. In this article, we explain the effective ways of answering “No Solution” in Delta Math learning.

Put No Solution in Delta Math

Mathematics is a subject of problems and every student has to find an appropriate solution to any problem. In these problems, some have an appropriate solution but some don’t. Now the question arises of how to tackle this situation when a student gets the “No Solution” of a specific problem.

Don’t get panic

We have sorted out this problem for Delta’s students so that whenever they face such a situation, they can easily answer this. Generally, the students have to write some phrases or keep the sheet blank for that problem that has “No Solution”. They can also use some unique symbols as we use for the undefined term and explain briefly about that symbol below by making a short note.

Most Effective Ways To Answer “No Solution” in Delta Math

Although “No Solution” is the answer itself the students have to give the answer gently in effective ways. There are various ways to answer based on the situation and context of the problem. Here are the most effective ways that a student can use for the “No Solution” problem.

  • Blank Answer: One of the most common methods used to answer the “No Solution” is to leave the paper blank.
  • Write The Phrases: Some students answer by writing the phrase “No Solution”. It is also good to explain there is no answer to the provided conditions.
  • Uses Different Symbols: Another appropriate way to answer the “No Solution” problem is to use a special type of symbol. By using the specific symbol, you also have to explain the symbol that this symbol indicates the lack of solution or “No Solution” in the answer sheet.
  • Specific Instructions: Specific instructions are also used for the “No Solution”. For that purpose, Delta Math itself introduces some methods that can be used for different contexts. Always follow the instructions carefully on the mathematics learning platform.
  • Feedback: This method is used where a brief comment or feedback is required to explain the situation of the problem.
  • Specific Sign: Implicit indicators show a unique pattern and specific condition that explains there is no solution to the problem. It means that if the conditions are contradictory, the solution is unsolvable.
  • Real-Life Signals: Student should compare the mathematical problem with their real-life problem. This compareness make this process pretty easy as some real-life problem also has no solution. Similarly, some Delta Math problems also lack practical solutions.
  • Strategic Solution: The students have to answer the problem with “No Solution” confidently, gently and wisely as it does not mean they don’t know the answer, but it means that the problem has some error or misunderstanding that does not exactly explain the information

Frequently Asked Questions

The “No Solution” term is used when the conditions do not give an appropriate and meaningful solution to the problem.

Yes! Leaving the answer blank is also a suitable method to answer the “No Solution” problem. But the nature of the answer also also based on the problem’s type.

Yes! The symbolic indicator is also useful for giving the “No Solution” but you also have to explain which symbol indicates the “No Solution” answer.


We have comprehensively provided information related to the “No Solution” answer to the mathematical problem. It is necessary to understand what is the appropriate way in the specific conditions. No matter which way you are using to express the answer including leaving the answer blank, typing “no solution” text or giving some feedback. All methods are accurate but you have to use it wisely according to the nature of the problem. These statements are used when a student is unable to find a defined and measurable answer.

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