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Who Created Delta Math

Who Created Delta Math

Delta Math is an online mathematical learning platform that was created in 2009 by Zach Korzyk. He created the program by changing the quadratic formula. After its launching, the student’s positive response helps to upgrade it to the next level. They continuously start working for the betterment of this online platform.

To upscale educational learning, Delta Math proved to be the cornerstone in the field of mathematics. With its creation, the numeric concept and calculation of the students have been improved. In this article, we highlight the background, motivation and mindset that was used to create the Delta Math platform and to uplift to the highest level of learning.

Who is Founder / CEO of Delta Math?

Every individual who has used Delta Math for educational purposes must think once in his life that whose mind is used in the creation of Delta Math. Zack Korzyk is the man who created Delta Math by substituting in quadratic formula of mathematics.

Who is Zack Korzyk

To understand the concept of Delta Math creation, we have to know about the mindset and vision of its founder Zack Korzyk. After knowing his vision, you will find a unique perspective behind its creation about how it becomes challenging for both educators and students to understand mathematics as a real-life example.

Extensive knowledge of mathematics becomes the pillar and strong foundation in the creation of Delta Math. His experience and keen observation of the challenges that a student faces in learning mathematics help to highlight those challenges and tackle them gently on this online learning platform. As he was a teacher, he also created features for the tutor and created ease for them in creating assignments and providing feedback on the student’s exams.

Impact of Delta Math on Mathematics

  • Delta Math brings revolution to the learning experience. It transforms the traditional learning platform into an advanced online educational institute.
  • It provides accurate exercise to improve the student focus which makes the learning process more effective and efficient.
  • The creator of Delta Math has built a feedback system for students where they can check their answers after their assignment completion.
  • Delta Math has also added additional resources according to the needs of the students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zach Koryzk is the creator of Delta Math and has a strong mathematics background.

Yes! Delta Math is compatible and efficient for all grades of students.


Delta Math is the most important platform for the mathematical learning platform. Zack Korzyk plays a vital role in creating and establishing this online institute. It was designed with a unique algorithm.

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